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What is Diversity

Culture Coach International: Changing the Definition of Diversity
As a company, CCI believes in broadening the definition of diversity beyond concepts of race, gender, and nationality to include “all the ways that we are similar and different to one another.” This expanded view of diversity includes: ethnicity, sexual orientation, generation, physical and mental ability, and parental status – to name a few. By including everyone, giving everyone a stake in the “diversity” definition, it means that no one is excluded from the conversation on diversity.

New Philosophy
The old model of diversity training utilizes a
philosophy of “us understanding them.”
This outdated philosophy is replaced with
CCI’s philosophy of “us understanding us.”

Under this philosophy, every single employee
has a voice in the diversity discussion.
This paradigm shift creates a new understanding
of diversity’s role in a company, with each
employee’s unique background contributing
measurable value in their work place and
ultimately in the global market place.